Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Party Girls

The first car after Hot Cop was just what I needed - a group of four gossipy overly excited girls my age to rehash the situation.

"OMG, how did you NOT follow him to the bar? He was totally dropping hints, you should definitely go back there!" suggested an overly optimistic petite brunette. "Or you can totally just take us there and we'll swoop in on him." hahahaha! Group laughter from the other three and awkwardly from me because 1) I wasn't totally sure if she was kidding and that I'd need to totally redirect my route from uptown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul and 2) I suddenly became super insecure because every one of the girls was way prettier than me and could totally go home with him. Not that he was mine in any way, just a weird pang of jealousy for a hypothetical situation concerning a stranger I had a crush on for 15 minutes. 

"And seriously," began the raven haired Kardashian-looking one that occupied the front seat, "you look hot tonight, I can totally tell you did your hair and your eyeliner is legit. Do you get dressed up to pick up guys on purpose?"

"I mean, I want to look decent because it's a job," I started to explain as I hadn't really thought about it before, "but I don't pick up guys and have no intention of it. I think people are just nicer to you when you look nice, ya know? So yes, I make an effort, but not like, with any pickup attempts."

"So you just drive around and get to talk to hot guys all night? Sign me up!" said one in the back as the others agreed.

"Actually, I usually prefer picking up girls because I think a lot feel more comfortable with a female driver anyways, ya know? Like even when a guy doesn't DO anything creepy, it's still uncomfortable being alone in a car with a strange guy at midnight."

"I didn't even think of that," Kardashian quipped, "you're the first girl driver we've had and it's actually way less rapey vibe. You should make a company of just girl drivers FOR girl drivers. Could that be a thing?"

So I've thought a lot about a females only rideshare since then. It's an interesting concept, but are you just creating in invitation for random attacks or abuse if requesters KNEW the driver was going to be a solo female? Would enough girls sign up to drive? Is it sexist to make a company that would only accept female clientele? I mean, none of this will happen because I have no idea where to start, but it was an interesting concept that would actually be a great service for vulnerable girls who need rides home all over. If someone wants to go ahead and get that started and pay me like 50% profits, that would be great!

But, we continued to the original bar (not Hot Cop bar, that was a joke) as the girls each checked their phones selfie cameras to finalize hair volumizing and makeup taming before hopping out of the car in the middle of Hennepin Ave. when we hit a stop light, shouting a quick thanks, and awkwardly strutting into the bar on towering heels and inappropriately short dresses for a Minnesota Februrary night. 

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