Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ride'em Cowboy

Jeremy is (so far) the only coincidental repeat customer I’ve had in my brief experience, but oh man, was it a good one. 

I initially responded to his pickup request at a house in west Bloomington. He was a typically good looking guy who got in the car with a blonde in skinny jeans and a crop top, probably both in their early 20s. He had his arm around her, they talked in kind of whispered flirty tones in the backseat, maybe a little buzzed, but not drunk, while being pleasant and talkative with me. They seemed to be leaving a house party, but meeting up with people at the local bull riding bar nearby, so that’s where I left them. Thank you, have a good night. 

Fast forward 6 hours to bar close and I happen to be in Bloomington after dropping off a downtown partier at their house in the suburbs. I get a beep that a Jeremy at that same bar needs a pickup. Wouldn’t that be weird if it’s the same guy? 

Well, I pull up and there he is: Jeremy….with a totally different girl. He's making out with a curvy brunette with big wavy hair amongst the smokers and cabbies outside the front door. As I pull up and click “arrived” to alert him, he sees me, eyes wide with recognition, and as party girl 2 is finishing a cigarette and talking to friends or strangers on the curb, he opens the passenger door and instantly says “Don’t. Say. Anything.” with a wink because he knows I know he’s talking about the girl. 

So he collects his new girl up, gets her in the backseat and she’s obviously all about him. He’s taking her back to his place (not the house party I picked him up from), and they’ve obviously both had a few drinks because their lack of restraint is uncomfortably apparent in the 5 minute ride home.

We finally get to his house, the girl stumbles out first, and Jeremy stops to look at me and says genuinely “Thanks for being cool.” Maybe it was a slight to my gender to say nothing and let girl 2 blissfully fall for this player, but it kept my night interesting, so what can you do?

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