Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cherry Poppers

My first riders ever were the perfect way to start this endeavor. I had been in South Minneapolis visiting a friend on a weeknight, just days after my driver account was activated, when I thought I’d just flip it on quick and see how it works. Within 3 minutes, I had my first request. 

I pulled up to a trendy condo building and waited patiently for a bit as Nico texted that they were on their way down. Before I see my person, I only have a first name, their location, and a star rating to judge them from. 5-star Nico seemed objectively good, and seeing that he came out smiling and holding hands with his adorable boyfriend seemed better. 

As we drove, I made my first attempts at awkward small talk when Nico totally called me out, “Are you, like, BRAND NEW to this?” 

 “Actually, you guys are my first riders ever, so yes!” 

“OMG, we’re popping your rideshare cherry, this is SO. SWEET!" cue the excessive hand gestures and genuine joy in being my first, "You’re doing great, you’re adorable, and you’ll be fine. Just enjoy the hell out of it, it's such an awesome service and just think of the STORIES you’ll get! Oh, girl…” 

 And with that, I dropped them at some trendy Uptown bar, flipped my app off, and drove away feeling verified in my decision and satisfied with my first night.

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